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9 years, 11 months ago
Body Becoming. Deadline 1st December 2014
Filled under: Announcements
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Photo Anders Sune Berg

Body Becoming

ANIMA CASA RURAL ARTIST RESIDENCY Thematic Residency “Body Becoming.”

The body figures as the most important place upon which many of our stories play out. From the Greeks who admired and celebrated the nude, to the Confucian Koreans who covered it eroticizing only small amounts of visible skin, the body is where ancient myths take place.

The body continues to be a place of ideological battles; women are inscribed with ideas of nation and power, and the continual debate over the woman’s right to choose turns the physical body into a concept.

The chemical physiology of the body has helped us achieve states of transcendence – spiritual mystics have forced their bodies into particular states through drug ingestion.
Technological advances have allowed us to see our bodies in different ways. In his seminal “Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man” Marshall McLuhan suggests technology is an extension of the human body, extending or amputating our senses and bodies. We have begun to physically absorb technology through GMO foods, pharmaceuticals, pacemakers, hearing aids, implants and instruments which help to fix and augment the body, blurring the line between human and cyborg.

ANIMA Casa Rural Thematic Residency BODY BECOMING, invites artists to ponder the body and all that concerns it through various mediums in this themed residency. During the residency we will look at the different ways the body has been present in art and culture. We will screen Peter Greenaway’s “Pillow Book”, and Roland Emmerich’s “Universal Soldier”. We will also visit Hospicio Cabanas which house the murals of Jose Orozco. There will be a presentation addressing the body and its cultural significance inviting a series of discussions about the artists’ work and the body.

Application Process.
Please visit our website and fill out the application

ANIMA’S SELF DIRECTED ART RESIDENCY aims to offer a time and space for reflection, research and production, with ample time to focus on your practice. ANIMA selects candidates at all stages of their careers (emerging and established) and is primarily directed towards practices and projects involving writing, photography, video, performance, drawing and painting. Our pool of applicants and residents is diverse in all aspects, and our programs are opportunities for artists to pursue their own work, free of pressure. Artists are encouraged to create site-specific work and respond and work with the rural landscape of ANIMA. Artists must finance their own stay at Anima Casa Rural, and source funding for their stay during the residency. All fees must be paid prior to arrival. We are more than happy to assist you in securing funding, so please let us know if we can help.

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