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10 years, 2 months ago
Filled under: Dragos Gavrila, Music
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Photo Anders Sune Berg

Here are the latest videos we found and liked this week.

We start with an eclectic mix of colors in a girlish rap song, by Heartsrevolution, Ride or Die directed & produced by sweetheart Kate Moross.

Then we continue with a glitchy video directed by Kyle Bowman of (specialized in glitchy-gif clips) for Evy Jane - Closer – a slow tune, running on distorted and scratched footage of Evy herself.

Hiro Murai directed the latest video from Childish Gambino Sweatpants ft. Problem, a crazy video featuring Gambino himself into a deja-vu mood with other selves, ending in a skit slow part into the woods… crazy talent right here!

Sundream is the fourth single from RÜFÜS‘ Gold selling, ARIA and J award nominated debut album ATLAS – directed by Jackson Mullane – it’s a kaleidoscopic video experience:

Then we have Poker an animated delight on this Shugo Tokumaru track – featuring lots of tiny creatures evolving one from the other, over and over again – directed by Mirai Mizue & Yukie Nakauchi of Mirai Film showing amazing character animation skills!

And after this crazy character animation – we have another animated short: Selfie by Andy Martin, a funny “60 second warning about self obsession” created for Pictoplasma’s

Selfie from Andy Martin on Vimeo.

We get back to music with a Romanian video/track by Plurabelle Blood - this stop motion video “follows a young woman as she effervescently goes about her morning routine, despite her boyfriend’s obvious lack of reaction.” to go along with the 3rd track from this romanian music duo (Fierbinţeanu & Alex Bălă) debut LP to be released on Stellar Kinematics:

Also another one, from Romanian experimental/electronic jazzy pop duo Sibyl & Fransoa Burned Forest directed by Gabriel Durlan – a story of city and forest, of calm and aventure, of reality and dreams, of a brief encounter in the street, in a moment, two strangers – him, her and the strange forest in their mind – a “what if” story.

And I end this week’s short selection (Easter holiday coming up next) with an amazing video of Throwing Snow ft. Romanian producer/vocal diva Alexandra Pirici aka Adda KalehThe Tempest – showing dancers Femke Luyckx and Medhi Walerski clothed in the garb of ancient goddesses, replicated and spun into a series of entrancing mirages in this outstanding CGI piece by Rick Robin. Marvelous visuals to go with one of the best tracks released lately by London based Ross Tones aka Throwing Snow, a track even featured in the essential mix by Bonobo for BBC Radio 1 series here:

Throwing Snow feat. Adda Kaleh – The Tempest from Rick Robin on Vimeo.

(see it in full HD!)

And there you have it, this week’s selection of videos for your viewing pleasure.

by Dragos Gavrila

Dragoș Gavrilă is a Freelance Designer. Specializing in Graphic & Interactive Design, Typography, Illustration & Graphic Art. Also an online curator of image and music, cultural informer, occasional writer, lover. Currently living, working & playing in Bucharest, RO.


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