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9 years, 11 months ago
The Glitch Mob: Everything Starts With an Emotion or Feeling That We Are Trying to Convey
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Photo Anders Sune Berg

The Glitch Mob is a band who came as a breath of fresh air on the music scene. Three DJs came together to create something that is extremely energetic and, at the same time, powerful. You surely already listened to their music and now they have a song in the trailer of Sin City.

What happens when three DJs meet?
Good music.

I assume that you had something in common, such as the same artistic scene. What more specific was you starting ground?

We all met playing the same parties and festivals up and down the West Coast.



What did each of you bring into the band?

Well unlike a traditional band, we all started out as solo producers and DJ’s. We all know how to use the studio as our instrument.

Music critics and your audience use a large range of terms to describe your genre. How would you define it?

We always let the listener determine what our music means to them. The greater question is how would YOU define our music?

Why did you choose to work with Lemur?

We use the Lemur because it allows us to create our own custom control surface that you cannot buy at a store.

Drink the Sea was an album that established your direction. How did you get to this specific unity?

We just tell stories through our music. There’s not really a concrete answer for how we got there.

The music you make is so powerful and energetic and it suddenly reaches the audience. How does this process of creation take place?

Everything starts with an emotion or feeling that we are trying to convey. After that we try to craft the best musical story to convey those emotions.

What inspires you?

The thousands of people that bring The Glitch Mob experience to life.
Your shows have a very powerful visual component. Why are you interested in accompanying the music with visuals and light and more recently with acrobats?

The visual element is just another way in to the music. It’s just another way for the audience to get lost in The Glitch Mob experience.

You can compare geting up on stage and performing with…

You can’t compare it to anything. There’s no feeling quite like it.

Love Death Immortality is an album that proves even more that you are a band that must perform in front of a large audience. How does it feel to see your project becoming bigger and more famous?

We are just grateful that we get to play our music around the world and people enjoy it. Thank you.

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