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8 years, 11 months ago
The Pool by Karine Laval
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Photo Anders Sune Berg


from the artist

the pool

In the Pool series I utilize photography’s ability to create visual narratives, which echo moments from my childhood. The choice of a unified color palette, with saturated and bleached-out tones, reminds one of the qualities of home movies and reinforces the ambiguous relation between reality and fiction. Beyond my personal memory it’s also a collective memory I am trying to reveal through the common and universal experience of leisure and bathing. In my work I also focus on the notion of space and the relationship we entertain with the environment in which we live. Swimming pools and beach resorts are interesting to me for they represent a dominant theme of modern life in our culture. They also mix the natural element of water with the cultural and social element of manmade spaces where people can escape from everyday life and seem liberated from any social reference. Although their activities and expressions are familiar and spontaneous, the scenes appear composed by a silent choreographer when moments are isolated and frozen within the frame of the camera.

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Karine_Laval_The_Pool_INT_3 Karine_Laval_The_Pool_INT_4 Karine_Laval_The_Pool_INT_5 Karine_Laval_The_Pool_INT_6 Karine_Laval_The_Pool_INT_7

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