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10 years, 3 months ago
Filled under: Design, Front Page
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'Biography' presents a wide selection of works from Elmgreen & Dragset's complex universe, including sculpture, performance and interactive installations. Works from the late 1990s onwards will be shown together with recent projects, ...
Photo Anders Sune Berg

The project Nola is a collaboration between Studio Drift and the new Dutch label ‘Buhtiq 31′.

Nola started as an experiment, playing with the endless possibilities combining colour and light in a special context. It became a landscape of light captured in glass bells. Through the combination of light pastel coloured hand blown glass and bright, complementary coloured LED’s we are able to establish a unique colour palette. By mixing the light trough the coloured bells and placing them in overlapping compositions a complex spectacle of light comes to life.

There are 4 different sizes of bells with 4 different glass colours. The integrated LED-system in the base of the bells enables us to mix the light colours within the entire spectrum and vary the light intensity.
Once the light is turned on it will automatically mix it’s light with the glass. The mixture can be adjusted by pressing a button.

Eat Drink Design is a combined dining experience and design showcase, this time housed in a former theatre building called Kazerne. Studio Drift have been regular contributors to the show over the years, with past presentations including an LED and glass chandelier resembling a swarm of insects or shoal of fish.

Nauta and Gordijn are best known for their lighting installations with LEDs covered in dandelion seeds and founded their studio after graduating from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2005.

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Flylight is a site-specific light installation that directly interacts with its surroundings. It consists of delicate glass tubes that light up in an unpredictable way, partially responsive to external stimuli. The light mimics the behavior of a flock of birds in flight, symbolizing the conflict between the safeness of the group and the freedom of the individual. Flylight has been exhibited during Salone del Mobile 2011 in Milan, The Israel Museum, La Biennale di Venezia in 2012 and at a private event during Art Dubai in 2013.
The Pavillion of Art & Design (PAD) commissioned a Flylight installation for the entrance of the Paris 2013 edition in collaboration with HSBC.

While birds are the ultimate symbol of freedom, in a flock they move as one single entity, creating mesmerizing patterns. This flock behavior is an example of “self-organization”, meaning that no single bird leads the flight. Amazingly enough, each individual senses the speed and the direction of the group. This natural phenomenon formed a source of inspiration for Flylight, for which the flock behavior was translated into specially developed agent-based software. This means that the patterns in which the installation lights up are not pre-programmed but have an interactive compound – just like a real flock of birds.

The work questions the delicate balance between the group and the individual. Just like birds, people find safety in a group, while at the same time they are forced to act according to a set of rules on which society functions. Who chooses total individual freedom above these rules is forced to operate outside of society. Where lies the perfect balance between the two? With Flylight, Studio Drift reflects upon this question in both a poetic and aesthetic way.
The latest Flylight was commisioned by The High Tech Campus, Brainport Development, in Eindhoven.







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