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10 years, 2 months ago
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Photo Anders Sune Berg

Here are the latest videos we found and liked this week.

We start with MOZ a Guatemalan band, who released a video for Oasis, directed by Tony Ung – an L.A. based film maker and the video is about two girl friends having an adventure in the American wastelands, just wanting to escape…

Next, another female duo, the Munich based trip-hop Luko with a video for Good or Bad -  an atmospheric clip starring the two protagonists Leslie-Vanessa Lill & Lena Meckel and being produced by Stef Zins.

Yumi Zouma released The Brae / A Long walk home for parted lovers – a cool hang out and having fun video about 2 girls and 1 boy in a mixed-feelings situation. You know how that goes…Video directed by Eugene Kotlyarenko.

Hundred Waters with a video for Cavity – dark & moody feel, exploring lights & silhouettes in the night – a sort of trippy video – but very well directed for this track by Michael Langan of Langan Films (

Next we have Run the Jewels with a self titled mixed media, trap fueled video Run The Jewels directed and animated by one of my favorite motion graphers RUFFMERCY ( – This. is. pure. visual. madness! :D

Our sweetheart Maya Jane Coles released a new video for Comfort – a bio/human/earthly/grainy/eco/video – a bit NSFW as it involves mild nudity, but a very well done video directed by Jonas Lord.

And another wild/nature video for Chiara by Vendredi – directed by duo Matthias JENNY & Koya KAMURA – wild forest, ancient times, an ancient chase of a savage woman for a man, switching roles, becoming a canibal herself… this is the NSFW violent version:

VENDREDI – Chiara (Censored version) from Koya KAMURA on Vimeo.

(Censored version)

A video tribute to Takashi Ishii – a visual delicacy, cut, chopped, mixed from various asian movie clips and edited by Silver Strain for Carpenter BrutObituary track. The video contains NSFW parts… BUT IT’S FUCKING AWESOME!

Carpenter Brut – Obituary from Silver Strain on Vimeo.

BANKS, another favorite musician released a new video for Brain – featuring herself over-exposed between darkish motion graphics, produced by David Robertson and directed by Barnaby Roper. A beauty of a video for a great music track.

And after the hugely successful “kissing strangers” FIRST KISS video

we finish this week’s selection with a music video of the same kind – Shura Touch directed by Ammr Khalifa – a chill back track, a beautiful studio-shot video featuring random beautiful people starting to kiss and touch – a video exploration of attraction:

So, enjoy the music and the videos and have a great weekend!

by Dragos Gavrila

Dragoș Gavrilă is a Freelance Designer. Specializing in Graphic & Interactive Design, Typography, Illustration & Graphic Art. Also an online curator of image and music, cultural informer, occasional writer, lover. Currently living, working & playing in Bucharest, RO.


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