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10 years, 2 months ago
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Photo Anders Sune Berg

Here are the latest videos we found and liked this week.

We begin this selection with an “oldie” actually, from 2012, Danny, Dakota & the Wishing Well by A Silent Film, a video about getting lost somewhere, but still turning it into an adventure – great cinematography in this one.

Next, the video for Cut & Copy We Are Explorers track, a lo-fi feel, with a lot of technology behind the making of it – the video uses characters all printed using a 3D scanner with a UV reactive filament, meaning they glow in the dark. About 200 different figures were printed and used in the stop motion animation. Directed by Masashi Kawamura, Qanta Shimizu, Aramique Krauthamer, with creative agency Party.

Hey Now is London Grammar‘s new single taken from the latest album If You Wait.
A playful, magical video, going really well with the music. Forest at night, ghostly setting, stop motion animation.

Dmitry Zakharov directed an amazing mechanical 3D animated video for Max Cooper’s Impacts track, all synched to the music.

MaxCooper – Impacts by Dmitry Zakharov from Dmitry Zakharov on Vimeo.

Next, Talos with Tethered Bones. Video written, directed, and edited by Brendan Canty and Conal Thomson of Feel Good Lost, following a domestic story, beautifully shot & edited and with great acting also.

Neneh Cherry is back on the music scene, with a new album – Blank Project and we have her with a new video for Out of The Black debuted on noisey tv, featuring Robyn!
The video created by artist Dario Vigorito AKA 241-24-7, in a crazy cut-copy-paste style.

Then, in the same style, we have a video NSFW, a collab between Mister D and the famous fashion model Anja Rubik! This is the video for Chleb, written & directed by KRZYSZTOF SKONIECZNY of głębokiOFF. The clip is so ridiculous that is actually cool :))

<<We’re not sure how supermodel Anja got involved, but her presence and styling truly takes this intentionally amateur farce into the realm of the sublime. Chleb means bread, and this video feeds it to the masses, peeking in on Polish stereotypes with New Wave Cinema-meets-contemporary “Internet Art” cynicism. America, say hello to the discreet charm of the (Polish) bourgeoisie, and to a realness you’ve never seen before on Rubik.>> writes Natasha Stagg for V Magazine.

And there you have it, this week’s selection of videos for your viewing pleasure.

by Dragos Gavrila

Dragoș Gavrilă is a Freelance Designer. Specializing in Graphic & Interactive Design, Typography, Illustration & Graphic Art. Also an online curator of image and music, cultural informer, occasional writer, lover. Currently living, working & playing in Bucharest, RO.


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