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10 years, 1 month ago
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Photo Anders Sune Berg

Here are the latest videos we found and liked this week.

Some of the videos are NSFW, but the selection is beautiful :P

We start with a short movie, Unbovine yourself, produced by Stink and directed by Ian Ruschel, “the film wants to show the “bovinized” behavior of humanity, with people acting on default mode, following the same trends and rituals, which causes them to lose their individuality and originality.”

Created by Borghi/Lowe for the Creative Club of São Paulo Festival.

Unbovine Yourself from Ian Ruschel on Vimeo.

Next, we have a collab between The End is Near Italian clothing brand and the net based production team Post Religion.

“We used the concept of a fashion film to juxtapose memetic images relating to internet subcultures alongside the fast-food aesthetic of the collection. Designing a framework reality that parodies consumer culture, a world is created in which fast food is celebrated and idolised. In this fantasy world that allures to cyber culture images and hacker database visuals, reality is reflected as the aesthetic playground that is T.E.I.N clothing.” (quote via Dezeen)

And the last short for today, an exploration in sound visualization Invisible Acoustincs.
Light projected through a soap bubble throws patterns generated by the tiny vibrations of a speaker onto the ceiling in this installation by Royal College of Art graduate Dagny Rewera:

Invisible Acoustics from dagny rewera on Vimeo.

After these shorts, we continue with some music videos.

First, The Agency with Midnight Garden directed by Pim Mory and produced by sleepless production house.

MIDNIGHT GARDEN / THE AGENCY from sleepless on Vimeo.

Next, another concept video, Glass Animals Gooey beautiful calm track and a mysterious sensual video, this one looks like a Carioca production :)

We continue with the latest from Arctic Monkeys, the music video for their track Arabella,
directed by Jake Nava, a black and white shot rock & roll story.

The Portuguese pop indie band The Happy Mess released a new video for their single Backyard Girl. Directed by José Maria Cyrne and João Nunes – a story of two ladies, again shot in black and white, a truly beautiful and emotional video for this track. NSFW as the ladies are kissing each other rather well.

The Happy Mess – Backyard Girl from José Maria Cyrne on Vimeo.

And the last video for this week selection – a gorgeous, sensual, authentic feminine portrait of two girls having a special connection, the video Move On by Garden City Movement, directed by Michael Moshonov and Lael Utnik with help of photographer Mayan Toledano.

“The video was made with love. In today’s progressive world, it’s still hard for people to accept love between the same sex. This clip goes to show exactly that. It also shows that even if a heart’s broken it was still worth feeling love even if it was too short.”

And there you have it, some smooth visuals and fine tunes. Enjoy :)

by Dragos Gavrila

Dragoș Gavrilă is a Freelance Designer. Specializing in Graphic & Interactive Design, Typography, Illustration & Graphic Art. Also an online curator of image and music, cultural informer, occasional writer, lover. Currently living, working & playing in Bucharest, RO.


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