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8 years, 2 months ago
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Photo Anders Sune Berg

“The NON” is a British label that creates men clothes under the direction of Tony Spackman, one of the designers that used to work for Nike. With an attention which we might call obsessed with details and to the tailoring, Spakman describes The Non as being: “ a current search for authenticity, THE NON embraces our relentless desire to further knowledge, experience and personal development, our inexhaustible need for complexity and intellectual stimulation, our ongoing search for new luxuries.”

4 Tucked-suit-background-correct-size-FINAL


5 Pleat-Suit-correct-size-FINAL




He was born in Essex, England and he worked for Givenchy, Maharishi, The Duffer of St.George. His visual stories come from a deep analysis, from a great intuition and from his ability to credit the authenticity. His collections have something from the atmosphere created in  Gregory Colbert’s documentary “Ashes and Snow” and the typology of the character seems inspired from the mixture of austerity and grace that is so common between Buddhist monks. The projects have their own direction, and they are a personal research leading to non-conformist results: the painted shirts with the help of solar light, the piece that has pressure points with therapeutical effects which “levitate”, constructed with magnets.

Among his experiments we mention:

  • HANDCRAFTED CURIOSITY / Distressed Leather Varsity / Personal Projects (2013) (+poza)
distressed leather varsity 2


  • HANDCRAFTED CURIOSITY / Sun bleached / Personal Projects (2012) (+poza)
Sunbleached shirt Leopard


  • NON / AN OBJECTS TALE / Concept sketches (+poza)
non:an object tale


non:an object atle


One of the designer’s concepts for the Odi et Amo AW 2011-2012 men Collection is “I hate and I love. Why do I do this, perhaps you ask?

I do not know, but I feel it happening and I am tormented.”

5 Odi-Et-Amo-Suit-Jacket-High-Waisted-Pleat-Pant-FINAL


The designer then explains : “This particular experience of trouble from Catullus is a sad realization that situations arise independently of the human will. It is beyond logic and only in the realm of feeling. Is it then that our physical world is a projection of the mental world and therefore, you are the ruler who imagines the world as it is and this world exists solely in your mind, even if what you feel is not fully understood?”

6 Odi-Et-Amo-Stuffed-Shoulder-Wool-Knit-Waist-Bow-FINAL


by Alexandra Ivascu

Alexandra Ivașcu is a fashion designer living and working in Cluj. She is pursuing her PhD at the University of Arts and Design, Cluj, studying the representation of the couple in contemporary art.



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