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9 years, 7 months ago
Roxy Paine at Marianne Boesky Gallery
Filled under: Front Page, Visual arts
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Photo Anders Sune Berg

Marianne Boesky Gallery presents Denuded Lens, a solo exhibition of new works by Roxy Paine. This is the artist’s first project at the gallery since joining in 2013. Denuded Lens will be on view from September 4 through October 18, 2014, at 509 West 24th Street, New York.

Since the early 1990s, Roxy Paine has explored the collision of organic and mechanistic systems, bridging these disparate realms in serial projects whose idiosyncratic formal means arrive at related investigatory ends. From the Painting Machines, to the Replicants, to the Dendroids, Paine’s practice illuminates the aesthetic and conceptual paradoxes that lie at the heart of the contemporary condition, addressing the particular tension that arises when chaos and control, fact and artifice, the organic and the industrial, meet.


Checkpoint, 2014, photo

At the center of this exhibition is Checkpoint, the most recent iteration of his latest series, the large-scale Dioramas. A room-sized vision of a generic airport security stop, Checkpoint presents a locale whose practical banality rests uneasily alongside the looming suggestion of larger social anxieties. At once familiar and foreign, Checkpoint offers the opportunity to visually and cerebrally examine a liminal place that is usually only experienced through a rushed physical encounter. Rendered via various processes – from computer modeling to meticulous hand carving – the work is not a replica. Rather, Checkpoint alchemically translates a quotidian space into an uncanny one. Metal and rubber are transformed into soft-hued maple wood, a depth of eighty feet is perspectivally forced into eighteen, and the moving, living moment of human experience becomes architecturally frozen in time. Decontextualized through these physical distortions, and devoid of the expected human pulse, Checkpoint turns the prosaic into poetry, both in form and in content. Here, a mundane and potentially menacing space becomes a fixed point of quiet contemplation.

Checkpoint, 2014 [detail] photo

Checkpoint, 2014 [detail]

Checkpoint, 2014 [detail] photo

Checkpoint, 2014 [detail]

Machine of Indeterminacy, 2014 [detail] photo

Machine of Indeterminacy, 2014 [detail]

Scrutiny, 2014  photo

Scrutiny, 2014


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